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Radiochemical Processing Laboratory

Analytical Support Operations

RPL staff performing analytical work
RPL staff performing analytical work

The Analytical Support Operations (ASO) provides a broad range of analytical capabilities in support of Research and Development projects at PNNL in the identification and quantification of radioactive isotopes and organic/inorganic radiological compounds at trace levels in many different media samples from multiple media. In addition, the ASO conducts a research program in analytical chemistry and provides analytical radiochemistry services in support of many different governmental and commercial needs. In conjunction with our Hot Cell capability, the well-equipped ASO provides quality assured services and analyses in the following areas:

RPL staff performing analytical work
RPL staff have analytical capabilities.
  • Inorganic analysis using ICP-MS, IC, ICP/AES, Elemental Analyzers, TIMS.
  • Radiochemical analysis using GEA, AEA, LSC, Proportional counters.
  • Organic analysis using VOA/VOC, SVOA, GCMS, IC-organic acids.
  • Physical Properties analysis using XRD, RAMAN/FTIR, Rheometers, Viscometers, Particle Sizers.

The ASO is part of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which has a staff totaling about 3,500. Being part of a large network provides access to a wide variety of expertise in many scientific fields. In addition to internal teamwork, our staff have established working relationships with other national laboratories, research facilities, and academic institutions.

Point of Contact:
Karl Pool, Nuclear Chemistry & Engineering
Phone: (509) 375-5246

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