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Quantitative Gas Mass Spectrometer

Quantitative Gas Mass Spectrometer
Quantitative gas mass spectrometer

The Finnigan MAT-271 quantitative gas mass spectrometer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory provided gas species analysis for a variety of Hanford site, other governmental and private contract customers. The instrument allows for rapid sample turn-around, with typical detection limits for most permanent gases and low mass organic at concentration level of 10 part per million. A variety of sample matrixes can be analyzed with a minimal preanalysis preparation and little mass interference's.

The mass spec laboratory is an approved supplier for the DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel Project providing Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCWRM) qualified data. Gas species analysis can also be performed in compliance with other regulatory programs.

The quantitative gas mass spectrometer has the following features:

  • Magnetic sector mass spectrometer
  • Nine inch electromagnet
  • Gas batch inlet system for quantitative gas species analysis
  • Dynamic pumping
  • Electron impact Ion Source
  • Mass range 1 to 350 atomic mass units
  • Resolution setting from 200 to 5000
  • Five Faraday cup detectors
  • Electron multiplier detector
  • Ion counting system

Point of Contact:
James M Peterson, Radiochemical Scieince Team
Phone: (509) 375-5660

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