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Radiochemical Processing Laboratory

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The following is a list of RPL technical points-of-contact. Please feel free to contact the following individuals if you have questions concerning a particular capability.

Nuclear Chemistry and Engineering Group
Wes Lawerence NC&EG Line Manager (509) 375-6760
Karl Pool ASO Lead Analytical Support Operations (509) 375-5246
Dave L. Blanchard Team Lead, Irradiated Materials (509) 375-5376
Gary Sevigny Team Lead, Actinide Science (509) 375-5310
Reid A. Peterson Team Lead, Radiochemical Science (509) 375-5386
Nuclear Operations Division
Paul J. Crane Nuclear Operations Division Manager (509) 371-6177
Brad Evans Nuclear & Facility Authorization Manager (509) 371-7386
Eric M Hanson RPL Facility Manager (509) 375-5351
Paul Saueressig RPL Building Manager (509) 375-5352
Wayne E. Moore RPL Support Manager (509) 371-6689
Franciska Steen Team Lead, Shielded Facilities Operations (509) 375-5546
Other Research & Development Organizations
Bradley R. Johnson Manager, Radiological Materials & Detection (509) 372-4220
Wayne L. Johnson Manager, Earth Systems Science
(509) 372-4934
Rick J. Orth Manager, Energy Process and Materials Group
(509) 375-6709
Tom E. Michener Manager, Experinmental and Computational Engineering
(509) 375-2162


Energy and Environment Directorate


RPL at a Glance

Solving Global Problems with Premier Staff and Facilities
Solving Global Problems with Premier Staff and Facilities

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A National Asset with Multiple Missions
A National Asset with Multiple Missions

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