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Nuclear Chemistry and Engineering - Wesley E. Lawrence, Manager

The Nuclear Chemistry and Engineering Group (NC&EG) is the primary research and development (R&D) organization in the Radiochemical Processing Laboratory (RPL). The NC&EG is one of several technical groups within the Process Science and Engineering Division, providing capabilities in nuclear process engineering, radiomaterials characterization, and radiochemical separations and processing, with natural linkages in process modeling, inorganic materials, and chemical separations – all while maintaining stewardship for one of the few remaining Category 2 nuclear research and development facilities in the Department of Energy complex. This group supports Hanford Site cleanup, river corridor protection, nuclear materials stewardship, non-proliferation missions, the nuclear fuel life cycle, national security missions, energy production and is engaged in expanding the beneficial use of nuclear materials. This group is building on its reputation as a quality provider of fundamental actinide science by expanding academic relationships to foster a renewed focus on radiochemistry and the beneficial use of nuclear materials in medicine and industry. The NC&EG is organized into teams based on the specific type of R&D work each performs.

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Solving Global Problems with Premier Staff and Facilities

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